It all began because Ziggy, our young son, loved bubbles.

As a toddler he would get delicious squeals of contagious giggles every time he saw bubbles. My husband, Danny was inspired and got busy researching and testing and managed to create some pretty amazing bubble mix. Thinking that this was too good not to share we bottled up one of these early batches and took it down to our local beach, and to our amazement we sold every bottle we had.

Our Bubble Story

We’ve come a long way from our kitchen table start up in our small quarryman’s cottage. My husband is now busy with different innovation (check out his skycamp rooftents!). Ziggy has turned 6, and I run a thriving and growing business, making hundreds of people smile every day with huge giant soap bubbles.

Our Bubble Story

We now have a dedicated manufacturing unit in one of the most beautiful old estates in Wales. We have two retail outlets, a Bubble Cafe’, 7 full time bubble crew and 30 part-timers. We’ve won awards. And along the way we’ve made several hundreds of thousands of people smile.

Everything we do at Dr Zigs is underpinned by sound social and environmental values. This shows in everything we do, from where we buy our printing paper, to lift-sharing for crew, to fair pay, to where we source our materials. We also donate a full 5% of all our profits to fund Bubbles Not Bombs, which sends our bubbles out to kids who need them in the UK and all over the world. Thanks to our wonderful Bubble Crew and to all of you, our family of happy customers, I explore, experiment and play with giant soap bubbles as a full-time job. Life is good.

Dr Zigs Ltd. is registered in England & Wales. Company number 09083207. VAT number 177623580.