Birthday Party Kit - £65.00

Everything you need to put on your own brilliant Dr Zigs bubble birthday party without breaking the bank.

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In-a-Bubble Kit - £124.99

The famous Dr Zigs Bubble Moat and Hoop - Perfect for putting anyone in a bubble!

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Kiddie Bubbles Starter Kit - £19.99

The Giant Bubble Starter Kit – but specially for kids.

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Multi Bubbles Starter Kit - £25.99

This is our Starter Kit with our Multi-Loop – for making LOADS of Bubbles.

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Pocket Bubble Kit - £14.99

Everything you need to make Giant Bubbles in a handy little bucket.

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Sensory Bubble Kit - £49.99

Sensory Giant Bubble Kit designed particularly for those on the autism spectrum, and anyone who would benefit for a multi-sensory bubble experiences and play.

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The Kiddie Jumbo Kit - £27.99

The Kiddie Jumbo Kit is the best of our kids giant bubble kits!

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The Super-Dooper Kit - £295.00

Our most complete bubble kit, designed for schools.

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Travel Kit - £12.99

Giant Bubble Travel Kit Fits in your hand luggage :)

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